The Book: There Is Enough

Most food found on supermarket shelves exists because consumer research has proven that the product will be in demand once it is made available by the food industry.

This book strives to shed light on the aspects of our everyday sustenance that we normally don’t think about; above all the problematic consumer unawareness of foods’ nu­tritional value – and the technology behind industrially grown, raised and manu­factured fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, processed and fast food.

Our ancestors created and secured modern food production through hard work; this occurred over a couple of million years in three leaps:

  • Meat Cooking (1,8 million years ago)
  • Agriculture Society (10.000 years ago)
  • Industrial Specialization (300 years ago)

Now, we are at the frontier of a new era of future-food, driven by the need to feed nine billion people. But there are risks, as well as rewards, we must be conscious of as we move toward these new kinds of food.

Among the key question we must consider: Is your body ready for these new sources of nutrition, or might you thrive even better with the foods you are already accus­tomed to?

Reading this book will reward you with a new chance to make the right choices during shopping trips to your store or on the internet – in the food jungle.

The book unfolds and presents for you a map of the conditions underlying our modern food supply, to help guide you safely in navigating the food jungle and increase your feeling of responsibility for your food intake. It will make you a better shopper and consumer; and empower you to leverage your newfound knowledge in helping drive the food industry toward manufacturing the healthiest foods possible for your body.

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